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Yoohoo Buschbaby 9cm plush toy

SKU: 61145

Get to know our beautiful Yoohoo Buschbaby 9cm plush toy. Yoohoo Buschbaby 9cm plush toy is the leader of our and best-selling Yoohoo series. Yoohoo can now be seen on Yoohoo to the Rescue: An original series from Netflix. This is a fabulous series of magical missions in which a quick -witted Yoohoo and his quick -witted crew travel around the world to help animals in need.

Our series of Yoohoo's will enchant you with her new, lively colors, soft bodies and bushy cocks. In order to achieve a unique crystal effect, dying large and sparkling eyes were also redesigned by our industry -leading designers. Yoohoo Buschbaby 9cm plush toy is a cream -colored bush baby with gray and blue accent colors, which is manufactured in a seated position and in luxurious plush.

It will be a great playmate and is perfect for every season. Yoohoo friends are also available as plush toys so that they can all collect.

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