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BT21 VAN 30cm plush toy

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BT21 VAN 30cm Plush Toy by Aurora World GmbH

The BT21 brand was created in 2017 as a project of LINE FRIENDS and has since conquered the hearts of the millennial generation.

Behind the eight characters of BT21 is not only a unique design idea, but also a touching story: Prince TATA from the planet BT is stranded on Earth together with his companion VAN. In order to win the hearts of the Earth's inhabitants, TATA decides to become a famous star – a UNIVERSTAR. Together with VAN, TATA meets other characters on his adventures who become close friends: KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY and COOKY. Join the eight friends on their way to UNIVERSTAR!

BT21 VAN 30cm plush toy and all other characters are available in various plush variations in Germany and Austria exclusively through Aurora World GmbH.

BT21 VAN 30cm Plush Toy

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